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    my creative portfolio

  • objective

    To express and showcase my skills within the broadcast field and to embrace my opportunities

    as a member in the filming world.

  • about me

    Jesuit High School Portland, Oregon Class of 2019

    Broadcast Career Experience

    Broadcast Journalism Jesuit High School

    Jesuit Crusader Television - JCTV
    - Documentary Director/Producer/Editor

    - Filmer
    - Human Interest Stories | Highlight Videos

    - Sport Graphics | Graphics
    - Sports Announcer
    - Sports Producer
    - Sports Camera Man
    - Sports Reporter/Interviewer
    - Adobe Premier Pro (CS6) | Photoshop (CS6) | Wirecast
    - Live Broadcast Mastery
    - Canon XA20, JVC JYHM200 4K, Sony NXCAM 4K

    - Canon 6D Mark II camera | Canon t3i/6i cameras

    - DJI for Drone Aircrafts

    - DJI Mavic and Phantom Series


    Relevant Co-Curricular Activites

    Adventure Video Director / Notable Job and Carriers

    Films and Short Videos / Photography

    - Documentaries (published)

    - Human Interest Stories (published)
    - Spring Break Videos (unpublished)

    - Summer Video (unpublished)

    - DJI Drone Videos ( unpublished)

    - Photographer / Adventurer

    - Live Broadcast Experience
    Job and Career Experience

    - Blue Ox Films Intern

    - BSC Oregon Club Mentor

    - Portland Golf Club Caddy

    - Oregon Certified Soccer Referee

    - Ambassador at Jesuit High School

    - Youtube Mastery

  • notable skillsets and abilities

    here are some of my strengths in terms of production, editing, photography, videography, and imagery

    Adobe Premiere Pro - CS6


    experienced in creating and editing film within Premiere Pro

    used for creating documentary

    Adobe Photoshop - CS6

    Photo Editing and Creating

    proficient in creating and editing photos through Photoshop


    live film / capturing

    experienced in using Wirecast for live broadcasts as well as live filming

    GoPro - Hero Series


    highly experienced with using GoPro Hero Series to film and capture adventures

    Canon Cameras

    Canon XA20 / Canon t3i/t61 Rebel

    proficient in using cameras for all purposes especially videography and photographs

    JVC Cameras

    JVC JYHM200 4k

    experienced in using JVC camera for all purposes and interviews

    Sony Cameras

    Sony NXCAM 4k

    proficient in using Sony cameras for all purposes and interviews

    DJI Drone Aircrafts

    DJI Mavic Pro / Phantom Series / Inspire Series

    highly experienced in flying and capturing with DJI Drone Aircrafts. Mastery in flying and using modern drone technology

    Film Creating Process

    mastery in process of film making - documentary

    director / editor / cameraman

    Go Ride, a Skiing Documentary

  • my portfolio

    welcome to my work

    Documentary Short Film

    Go Ride, a Skiing Documentary

    I think that this is the best film and piece that I have created at my time at Jesuit. The amount of time, effort, dedication and work put into my short film this year was absolutely crazy. I went up ten times this winter and filmed for 8 hours each day just to put together a 8 minute film of quality and excitement. I also think that this deserves a spot in my top 6 pieces this semester because of the excitement it brings. It is a fun film to watch, and it doesn’t get that boring. Although the story is a little questionable, the visuals are their like a professional film. The audio is also very consistent and the color grading looks very well done. This film the way that it turned out makes me so happy because now I know that I can make a professional like film with my own materials and references. The quality and dynamic of the video is also very well done. I am very creative with my shots and understand the mechanics to make a solid film. I am glad that I can use this film for inspiration as well as in future job applicants. I am also looking forward to seeing how my videos have changed from this documentary now, to when I am older. Overall, my documentary has been my best piece all year because of the time and effort, quality, and excitement put into this wonderful film.

    NIKE Check Your Swoosh Presents "Swoosh Dreams" Recap

    Here is a recap video that I was hired by Nike to create for their annual Graphic Design Show held here in Portland, Oregon. Here in downtown Portland, Nike artists and designers showcased their abilities in the art world and created magnificent art displays that were sold and donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.



    Wake Up and Live

    Film Application Video



    Summer 2018

    My Summer in a Glimpse



    Ben Landauer Cinematic Reel

    my reel encompassing my 2018 year so far



    Human Interest Story

    Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, a Voluneteer Perspective

    I think that this is one of my best pieces of this second semester because of the creativity and thought process put into the creation. I wanted to create something that not many people would have thought off to produce. I really enjoy the aspect of the vintage look as well as the unsteady and moving camera shots. This provides a lot of life and excitement to the video which works perfectly with the tempo of the song. With that I was able to connect some of the camera visuals with the lyrics of the music. I also liked how I was able to capture the downtown aspect of Portland and my friends which just make it more personal and meaningful overall. I also like how the video doesn’t get boring due to the uptempo feeling of the video. Overall I think that this is another impressive piece that I created this second semester due to the complexity and fun in the video itself.


    Jesuit Crusaders Television Intro Video

    a video that encompasses JCTV at Jesuit High School

    I think that this is one of my best pieces this second semester because of how the video ultimately encompasses the totality of JCTV. It includes every single sport that JCTV has covered as well as highlights from seasons and games. I also picked this video because of the way that it grabs the viewers attention with arguably three of the best clips filmed by JCTV ever. Not only are the clips interesting, but the audio from the live announcers is included which adds life to the video itself. Although I had to change the music a few times, I also feel like the intense EDM music is very upbeat which supplements the videos purpose, to get viewers excited about the channel. I also felt like the specific clips that I used for each sport were solid highlights that also made the viewer excited. Overall, I felt that this piece was a solid video that I was able to be creative with and share my highlight abilities.

    Interview with Baseball Senior

    senior night interview with baseball seniors of Jesuit

    I feel as if this is one of my best pieces this year because of my ability to have an interview as a conversation rather than a questionnaire. Daniel and I connected well in this interview and it sounded as if we were just talking rather than me asking him questions. I asked Daniel very relevant and important questions as well as kept my proper interviewing form and technique. This was a big interview as it asked Daniel to encompass and share his time as a part of the baseball team at Jesuit. It was a senior night interview so I had prepare as well as perform well for this interview. Although the backdrop isn’t necessarily the best, the interview quality makes up for it as it was used properly and well during senior night of the baseball program. Overall this is one of my best pieces this semester as a proper and quality interview was firmed.

    90 Second Spot

    A Portland Trailblazers Update

    For my 90 Second Spot, I chose the Portland Trailblazers recent performance with the addition of Jusuf Nurkic. I chose this topic not only because I am a fanatic fan of the blazers, but because sport reports always attract my attention. I chose this project as one of my portfolio pieces because of the quality within the final product. Although I speak a little fast, I cover a lot of information ranging from stats from Jusuf Nurkic with the Blazers, all the way to their upcoming games. I also chose this piece because the video flows perfectly with the information that I give. Overall, I am very happy with how this quick report went, especially with having to turn it in raw, with hardly any mistakes or hiccups.

    Interview with Softball Seniors

    senior night interview with softball seniors of Jesuit

    I think that this is one of my best pieces of the semester because my ability of asking prevalent questions to not one but to players of the women’s softball team. I also think that the questions I asked were very well thought out and they connected to the big theme of Senior Night. I also felt that the positioning of my arms and way that I held the mic was professional and that the interview was more of a conversation rather than an interview. Although I did stumble a little at the beginning, I was able to pull myself out of the hole. My into and exit of the video were perfect as I explained who I was and who the players were. I think that this piece was a very strong interview this semester and was used very properly in the softball game. With that, this is one of my best pieces this year.

    Human Interest Story with President of Jesuit High School

    Thomas Anrdorfer, the President of Jesuit High School



    Documentary Short Film

    Jason Lowery, the Journey



  • photographer

    a young photographer

    Portland Oregon

    Pittock Mansion

    shot on a Fall evening in

    Portland, Oregon

    Maui Hawaii

    Whale Watching

    shot while whales were breaching in Spring in Maui Hawaii

    Mt. Hood

    a kid and his drone

    a unique shot of my drone and Mt. Hood during a sunset in Portland, Oregon

    Starry Summer Night

    Mt. Hood forest at Night

    shot while at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp


    Campfire during summer holidays

    shot while at the beach during the summer

    Winter Day

    Shot with DJi Phantom 4

    shot while capturing the sunset on a winter day in

    Portland, Oregon

    Summer Van


    shot on the way to the beach

    Long Exposure

    Creek in Mt. Hood

    shot while at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp for service trip

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